Shop My Closet

Whenever my friends/readers see my Goodwill finds, I get a lot of jokes about becoming a personal shopper ("You wanna go shopping for me?"..."Can I take you with me next time I go?"...that sort of thing). And, honestly, I would love to spend my whole day helping people find fabulous deals, if it weren't for that whole feeding/loving on three children and a husband business that I kind of consider more important.

So, here's the next best thing: a chance to pass along the uber-fantasticness I stumble upon to you. 

Most items will migrate from my closet to yours, but some I will have bought with resale in mind simply because I could not pass up such a great deal!

All items' prices will include shipping, and I will do my utmost to provide price-tags that are fair to you and worth it to me to shop for/package/ship them.

***I'm just getting started, but check back soon for an update with my first round of fabulous finds!


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