Monday, January 9, 2012

I’ll fly away…


Top: GW ($3), Jeans: Papaya/GW ($5), Shoes: Target/GW ($3), Bracelet: Gifted, Belt: GW ($1)

TOTAL: $12

I 100% LOVE the shirt I have on in this pic.

I mean, royal purple, super soft and comfy, long enough not flash anybody when I bend over, AND fluttery lace sleeves?

What’s not to love?

So what if I do look a little bit like Kevin from “Up?” It’s a great movie, and if if looking like an oversized exotic multihued bird who likes to swallow tennis balls is the price I have to pay for getting to wear anything that can be described as having “flutter sleeves,” well, find me a tennis ball to swallow because I’m in!

On another note, the tag on this shirt is very “vintage” 90’s. Primary colors, crazy graphics…very “In Living Color.”

But the shirt itself is a very modern silhouette. I think so anyway.

Anybody remember long-waisted, non-boxy, unshoulder-padded tops from 1993?

Yeah, me neither.

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