Thursday, April 19, 2012

A VERY Windy Day



Top: Old Navy/GW ($3), Jeans: ?/GW ($5) Shoes: MIA/GW ($4), Belt: GW ($1), Bangles: GW ($2)

TOTAL: $15

I seem to remember referencing the word “windy” in at least one of my past posts here at SHOBB, though I didn’t check to be sure.

So, I thought I’d clarify with a superlative in caps because, y’all, the day these picture were taken (and by “were taken,” I mean, “were taken by the camera on the timer as I ran around like an idiot”) was one of the windiest I can remember.

Like ever.

Uh huh.

Windy enough to make me talk like a Valley Girl.

Oh yeah, and that string hanging down in half the pics?

I didn’t notice that until the very end of the day.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Laughs and Handbags



Jeans Jacket: GAP/Clothes-swap, Jeggings: ?/GW ($4), Dress: ?/GW ($4), Tank: American Eagle/GW ($2), Shoes: 21/GW ($3), Ring/Necklace: GW ($4), Earrings: Gift from the hubs, Purse: C/O Fashion to Figure

TOTAL: $17

Just in case you’re curious as to the infrequency of posts here of late, you might want to refer to this post over at Five days…5 ways. (You guys do know that I have another blog where I post every single stinkin’ day, right? You know…just in case you miss me or something).

Or maybe this one (for those of you who don’t like riddles).

Or, just for a general round of excuses, this one might do.

Suffice it to say that, in my current state, putting together 100% thrifted outfits sort of takes a backseat to—I don’t know—naps.

Still, I don’t want you guys to think I’ve abandoned you altogether, so, wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, I’m writing a post for you today, AND I’ve scheduled several posts for the rest of the week.

Will the outfits be in chronological order?

Um, no.


Probably not.

But they will be posted.

So, there.

Okay, so moving on.

You see that pretty pink envelope purse I’m carrying?

Well, I got to take her for a test run on a date night with the hubby to hear Bill Cosby (who is 74 and still waaaaaay funnier than practically anybody else half his age).

And you know what?

She passed with flying colors.

I’m not usually a pink purse kinda girl.

But when the nice folks at Fashion to Figure contacted me about trying out one of their products, I took a look through their accessories (since the clothing is geared toward plus sizes) and immediately swooned over the rich color and fun shape of their envelope bag.

I can’t speak to the durability since I’ve only carried it twice so far.

My impression would be that it’s best for date night outings when all you need to throw in your bag is a phone, some breath mints, a tube of lip gloss and maybe a book (all of which I managed to fit in mine with room to spare).

It’s comes with both a wrist-strap and a longer, adjustable strap, which allows you to wear it on your shoulder (like I’m doing in pic #2) or across your body.

The stitching appears to be sturdy, and there’s a pocket for small items inside as well as a zippered pocket (the zipper unzips smoothly) on the back.

So far, I love my new bag!

It’s the perfect color for spring, and the simple lines and minimal embellishments make it easy to pair with everything from a layered boho look (like I have on here) to a more polished evening look or even a business suit!

Be sure to check it out if you’re in the market for a fun new lightweight bag!

I’ve already gotten compliments on mine!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Top: Mossimo/GW ($3) Shorts: Forever 21/GW ($4), Shoes: Mia/Goodwill ($3)

TOTAL: $10

There are plenty of things I could say about my recent AWOL behavior.

But I really think I’ll just skip ‘em today.

Hope that’s okay with you guys.

Let’s talk for a moment, though, about this outfit.

A bit bare, yes?

(Thankfully not in the nudist sense).

Why I thought it would be a good idea to wear white shorts with a patterned top and neutral wedges when I love accessories (I’m not even wearing EARRINGS…gasp!) is completely beyond me.

But just for fun, let’s play a little round of, “What if?”

What if I had actually accessorized my windblown ensemble here (that last pic expresses my real opinion of the wind and its meddling self).

What would/should I have added?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Thrifter at Anthropologie


Giraffe tee: ?/Goodwill ($2), Cardi: Papaya/GW($4), Jeans: Abercrombie/GW ($5), Belt: GW ($1), Wedges: ?/GW ($3), Bag: Fossil/GW ($4)

TOTAL: $19

Hey guys!

Remember me?

I’m that girl who likes to get dressed in 100% thrifted outfits (although, I must say that I should probably clear up the issue of undergarments, which are most decidedly bought NEW at a variety of respectable retail stores).

If you’re still a little fuzzy, I’m also that girl who likes to apologize for not being around much lately in the last, oh, three months.

Aaaaah…I see it’s all starting to come back to you.

So, this is the most shameful stunt of no outfit posting that I’ve pulled yet, and I’m abjectly begging for your forgiveness and trying to pacify you with a) a post, and b) the prospect of a chance to vote on fashion, which, in my experience, seems to be a fun thing.


Yeah. I wore this outfit on an outing to Anthropologie and couldn’t help cracking up as I meandered through a store with price-tags that sported numbers like $254 (!!!!) and $168—all while wearing an outfit whose 5 separate pieces added to less than $20!

I’m pretty sure they would have tossed me out on my ear if they’d known.

Good thing I didn’t leave my Goodwill tags on.

Because, shockingly enough, I managed to avoid getting thrown out long enough to actually buy something (my first real Anthro clothing-something ever).

And I’m having a “Grifted or Grifted” poll over at Five days…5 ways to so you guys can vote which dress I bought between two that my husband declared his favorites. EVER.

Go check it out, vote, and let me know how much you think the cheapest clothes-buyer possibly on the planet paid for the dress she chose!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pepto Bismol, Eat Your Heart (burn) Out


Sweater: $4, Jeans: $4, Trench: $3, Shoes: $3

TOTAL: $14

I got this whole outfit—including that epically pink trench—as part of Round 2 of The 30 Minute Goodwill Challenge (click on over to read how I fared my second time around).

And while I usually prefer that my clothes not remind of heartburn and indigestion, that new-with-tags trench from Old Navy was just too perfectly Pepto to pass up.

And the rest of it?

Well, I don’t own a single other item that could be described with the word “argyle.”

And it’s only so often you can feel like a pirate and a Scotsman at the very same time while describing your (itchy, wool) sweater.

And comfy orange wedges to wear in February? That’s just too obvious for words, right?

By the way, if you’re ever wondering how to pull yourself out of a fashion rut, I strongly recommend heading to Goodwill and giving yourself a time limit.

You might end up wearing hammer-pants and a bow-tie silk blouse, but I guarantee that you will leave with something you wouldn’t normally wear.

And with that little gem, I’m all fashion-adviced out.

(Send me pics of the hammer pants, please).

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hemming and Hawing


Top: Gap/Clothes-swap ($0), Jean: Anthro/GW ($6), Jacket: Mixit, NWT/GW ($4), Shoes: CATO/GW ($3)

TOTAL: $13

When you’ve got to pull up your jeans and pose awkwardly just so your readers can see that you actually have shoes on, it might be time to consider a) hemming your jeans or b) wearing taller shoes.

Boy, do I like the sound of B a whole lot more than A.

Also, it might be questionable logic to combine uber wide-leg jeans with a figure-obliterating “swing coat.”

And yet, despite all of its iffy elements, I’m still okay with this outfit.

And that, dear friends, is the height of fashion laziness.

But I’m calling it fashion-contentment.

Because that sounds much more enlightened and wise.

And 99% of the time, I feel neither enlightened nor wise, so I’ll take what I can get.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Blazing Comeback


Top: GW ($3), Jeans: U by Yanuk/GW ($5), Jacket: Isaac Mizrahi, NWT/GW ($6), Shoes: Nine West/GW ($3), Belt: GW ($1), Earrings: GW (gift)

TOTAL: $18

So…if you placed a vote for Thrifted or Grifted, you already know this is the Thrifted outfit.

And you know that I typically post the thrifted “outtakes” here on SHOBB.

And that’s usually it.

I mean, I can hardly pass up the chance to blog about a completely thrifted outfit that I went through the trouble to put together.

But today is about redemption, folks.

Because my poor blazer got lambasted over at 5D5W.

She got accused of not matching her lining to her buttons…of being a 70’s cast-off…of being ill-fitting…having boxy pockets…too long sleeves.

The works!

And all she ever did was somehow end up at Goodwill even though she originally cost $40 at Target and still had her original price-tags on.

So, this is her second chance at blogging respectability.

Y’all be nice now, ya hear?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Did I mention I like this shirt?



Top: GW ($3), Skirt: Old Navy/GW ($4), Jacket: Moda/Ebay ($27), Boots: Halston III/GW ($6), Belt: GW ($1), Jewelry: GW ($4)

TOTAL: $54

That may be our highest total ever here on SHOBB…definitely the jacket’s fault again, but you guys didn’t seem to mind last time, so I’m bringing it back.

And, yes, I realize that’s the same shirt from a few posts ago and that this outfit is eerily similar to this one.

Can’t win ‘em all.

Can’t even be bothered to change my shirt out that often.

Maybe I should change my blog title to “Secondhand or Lazy Bones.”


The acronym’s not nearly as good.

LInking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy.

P.S. If you haven’t already visited my primary blog, Five days….5 ways, make sure you do to vote on which outfit is thrifted and which is grifted! (Just click on over if that makes no sense to you! : ))

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just call me Solomon


Top: Forever 21/GW ($3), Jacket: Jessica Simpson, NWT/GW ($5), Jeans: Lucky Brand/GW ($5), Shoes: GW ($3), Bag: Fossil/GW ($4)

TOTAL: $20

I wouldn’t blame you for sending out a search party to recover my dead body. I know I’ve been AWOL lately, but here I am again.



Carrying that bag that all of you keep begging me to send you when I’m done with it.

I’m getting the impression that I could made a fair bit o’ dough if I were to auction it off…

Of course, at least two of you would hate me forever, if you didn’t get it.

And there is only one bag after all.

So, maybe I should pull a Solomon and start hacking the bag to bits and sending scraps of it to each of you who loves it so.

Of course, to fulfill that scenario, the truly deserving woman would need to then selflessly declare: “No! Just GIVE it to some other girl. I can’t bear to see it chopped up!”

And then, of course, I would send it to her Express Mail with a Target gift card inside to show my appreciation for her extraordinary self-control and giving spirit.

And then…

Wait a minute…

Why are you all staring at me with that hungry, expectant gleam in your eye?

It’s a hypothetical scenario, folks!

The bag stays!

(Ooooh, I’m evil).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Straight up…



Tank: Clothes-swap ($0), Jacket: J. Crew/GW ($5), Jeans: Lucky Brand/GW ($5), Shoes: Loft ($3), Belt: GW ($1), Necklace: GW ($2), Bag: Fossil/GW ($4)

TOTAL: $20

A lot of times, my “photo shoots” go a little something like this:

Glance at clock after attempting to get 45,000 things done since 7 AM and actually finishing maybe 6 (I count putting my shoes on and feeding my children as two of those).


It’s already 4:45?

Oh no! I’m going to lose my light!

Race around reapplying lip-gloss, finding where I put my jacket, and attempting to tame my unruly locks.

Skid out door, prop hand on hip, and smile. (Actually, I just looked at the pics I posted, and I don’t have my hand on my hip in a single one. I must be evolving as a style-blogger).

It’s awesome.

So, why do I tell you this?

Because I need you to know that, had I glanced in the mirror after attempting to tame my unruly locks, I might have noticed that my bangs are flatter and straighter than an 11-year-old training-bra-wearing-and-hating-it girl’s chest.

And I might have fluffed them a little.

Because, honestly, they’re creeping me out a little with their, um, ruliness .(After all, if unruliness is a word, shouldn’t that be its positive counterpart?)

And now I make you a solemn pledge to fluff my bangs next time.

It may not be Christmas anymore, but that is my gift to you.

You’re welcome.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I’ll fly away…


Top: GW ($3), Jeans: Papaya/GW ($5), Shoes: Target/GW ($3), Bracelet: Gifted, Belt: GW ($1)

TOTAL: $12

I 100% LOVE the shirt I have on in this pic.

I mean, royal purple, super soft and comfy, long enough not flash anybody when I bend over, AND fluttery lace sleeves?

What’s not to love?

So what if I do look a little bit like Kevin from “Up?” It’s a great movie, and if if looking like an oversized exotic multihued bird who likes to swallow tennis balls is the price I have to pay for getting to wear anything that can be described as having “flutter sleeves,” well, find me a tennis ball to swallow because I’m in!

On another note, the tag on this shirt is very “vintage” 90’s. Primary colors, crazy graphics…very “In Living Color.”

But the shirt itself is a very modern silhouette. I think so anyway.

Anybody remember long-waisted, non-boxy, unshoulder-padded tops from 1993?

Yeah, me neither.


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