Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A BIG hair day




Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft/GW ($3), Jeans: Paige/GW…purchased from a friend ($15), Jacket: GW ($4), Shoes: Steve Madden ($3.50)

TOTAL: $26.50

Those of you who participate in Thrifted or Grifted will recognize this outfit from last week’s T+G.

Well, here it is again, except now I have time to make fun of my huge Southern hair in these pics. 

And yes, I realize that I hardly have the tamest of hair, well, ever, but I generally try to avoid the appearance that I teased my roots ‘til they cried.

The day I took these pics, it was unavoidable. At least, outside of rewashing/drying/”styling” my hair. 

And that, folks, was not going to happen.

I may not aspire to look like a “Working Girl,” but if a second shower is involved to get around it…1988, here I come!

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