Friday, November 4, 2011

Four Eyes


Top: GW ($3), Pants: GW ($4), Flats: Clothes-swap ($0), Vintage pin/headband/bangles: GW ($5)

TOTAL: $12

Brief Commercial: Hey! See that “Shop My Closet” tab at the top of the page that I’ve never done anything with? Well, head on over to 5D5W to find out how you can “Shop My Closet for Good!”

And now back to our regularly scheduled program:

I can still remember asking for *fake glasses* for my birthday. I was probably 8. Little did I know that, by age 11, I’d have the real deal, and by age 29, I would long for Lasik.

Oh, the difference almost twenty years of glasses/contact wearing can make on one’s perspective.

Come to think of it, I think I also wanted braces when I was little. And I ended up with those too. 

It’s too bad I didn’t realize my wishing super-powers and start asking for things like big piles of pretty, pretty money. Because if I had, by now I’d surely be rich. 

Of course, I’d also have powers of time travel so I could go back and tell my short-sighted 8-year-old-self the best things to wish for. But then, I’d have to have already wished for those as my 8-year-old self, in which case I wouldn’t need the time travel because…oops. Wait a second. Yup. Something in my brain just exploded, and I’m running on precious few cells as it is, so I’d better stop with this nonsense right now before the whole thing short-circuits and I lose the part of my mental faculties that knows how to make left turns in traffic without getting hit. 

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