Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The 10 Second Rule


Top: Old Navy/GW ($3), Cardi: Charlotte Tarantola/GW ($4), Skirt: FLAX/GW ($4), Belt: GW ($1), Shoes: Aldo/GW ($3)

TOTAL: $15

Brief Commercial: Hey! See that “Shop My Closet” tab at the top of the page that I’ve never done anything with? Well, head on over to 5D5W to find out how you can “Shop My Closet for Good!”

And now back to our regularly scheduled program:

So, if you participated in last week’s Thrifted or Grifted, then you’ll recognize this as “Exhibit A,” i.e. the thrifted option. 

You’ve probably also already heard about my acrobatic attempts (click the link above to read more if you haven’t) to get decent pics while avoiding harming my offspring.  I don’t think I’ve had that good (read: stressful) of a workout in weeks, and I’m a fitness instructor, so that’s saying something.

Either way, I just had to post the outfit here at SHOBB for a couple of reasons: 1) Did you see that cardi? Umm…pretty much adopting it as our 5th child (our 4th is a blender, just in case you haven’t read). Which kind of fits since it’s sweet, pretty, and cuddly soft…like the rest of my kids (minus the blender), and 2) I think there should be a 10 second rule for taking pictures, kind of like the 3 (or 5…or 10 depending on how much of a germophobe you’re not) for dropping Skittles on the ground and still being able to eat them.  And the rule goes something like this: if you have to use the 10 second timer to take your pictures (in the absence of either a spouse or a remote), then you’re allowed to look ridiculous in them.  

There. I’ve said it. I expect said rule to go viral within hours.  I’m going to be rich.

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