Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lace n’ Boots



Tank: Clothes-swap ($0), Top: Clothes-swap ($0), Skirt: Garnet Hill/GW ($4), Boots: Genuine Leather Vintage Halston/GW ($6), Headband: GW ($1), Belt: GW ($1)

TOTAL: $12

This is a Thrifted or Grifted outfit from 5D5W (did you vote? if you never have, catch the next one…it’s load of fun!), and I even went so far as to rip off the title because I liked it so much (c’mon…say it out loud! I know, right?).

For those of you that are horrified that I bought a headband at GW, please know that it still had the tags on and was enclosed in a glass case that I’m positive was clean in 1979. Oh, and they also had a sale on half-full bottles of disinfectant and nail polish, so naturally I picked up one of each…one to douse my “new” headband and the other just in case the disinfectant doesn’t do the trick, and I end up siting around waiting for my lice treatment to take effect and nothing to do but paint my nails.

Now, what to do if I get a nail fungus from the open bottle of nail polish? No clue. Maybe I should rethink this whole scenario.

*I hope you brought your senses of humor to this post. I am in a weird/sleep-deprived state and probably shouldn’t be allowed to blog for my safety and your peace of mind. Let me assure you that 99% of the above was absolute nonsense, but I’m not deleting it. Oh no. Because, if I start over, there’s no telling what I’ll say.

G’night, folks. Here’s to lucid, lice-free topics tomorrow after I’ve gotten much-needed sleep.

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