Monday, October 24, 2011

The Kangaroo Dress


Dress: Liberty of London for Target/GW ($3), Button-up: Gap/GW ($4), Shoes: Fioni/GW ($3),Bracelet: gift ($0)

TOTAL: $10

I thought about rambling on for a couple of paragraphs about randomness while you guys stared at the pattern in my dress trying to decipher a kangaroo in all of the swirly-curly colors (for those of you who already succeeded…hmmm…interesting), but I’ll just come right out and say that there’s a reason my hands are jammed in my pockets in every single one of these pics. And it’s a very vain reason indeed. It’s because when I saw the thumbnails of the pics where my hands were free, my immediate reaction was, “Whoa! A minute on the lips, forever on the hips is right! What have I been eating lately?!”

Of course, then I zoomed in and saw that my “pouchy” skirt was…ahem…enhancing my shape, and I breathed a partial sigh of relief…until I remembered the fact that I wore this skirt that could have housed several teenaged marsupials to church, where I did not walk around with my hands perpetually stuck in my pockets (because that might have been even weirder than just wearing a dress that looks like I’m smuggling a softball on each hip).

Don’t you love it when your mirror lies to you? Because the camera never does. Which is why the mirror and I are have a date later while the camera has been relegated to crafting pictures only for now. 

Hey! I think I just spotted that kangaroo! And to think I doubted you…

P.S. If you don’t recognize the background, it’s because we snapped these pics quickly right before we went inside that house you see behind me for a birthday party.

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