Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Epic Goodwill Trip


Dress: Target—NWT/GW ($5), Jacket: Clothes-swap with my bestie ($0), Boots: Vintage Halston leather/GW ($6), Belt: GW ($1), Necklace: GW ($2), Vintage pin: $3.75

TOTAL: $17.75

So, you see the reeeeally big grin on my face in most of those pics?  Like bigger than any other smile I’ve ever smiled here on SHOBB? Yeah, that’s because those fun vintage boots aren’t exactly meant to be worn for 9 straight hours, 4 (FOUR!!?) of which were spent at—where else?—Goodwill as I picked my way through rack after rack in an attempt to find some decent cold-weather clothes to wear here on the blog.

So, really, it’s more of a crazy grimace than anything else (hence the hugeness…because if you’re gonna cover pain you gotta smile pretty!). And that last blurry pic where I look like someone just stepped on my toe?…that’s more like it.

The good news? The pain was not for naught (got that?).  Because my children were ridiculously good the whole time, and I scored some pretty stinkin’ awesome duds. 

But don’t expect to see all of them quite yet because a) it’s hardly cold enough here to wear 13 pieces of clothing at once and b) I’ll be showcasing some of my fun loot at this week’s Thrifted or Grifted over at my main blog, Five days…5 ways.

Patience, as they say, is a virtue. And so are clean clothes, so I do believe it’s time for a Goodwill laundry load.


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