Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Darn you, Dr. Pepper!


Top: Duckhead/Thrift store whose name I cannot recall ($6), Jeans: Fragile/GW ($5), Belt: GW ($1), Shoes: Mia/GW ($3), Jewelry: Gifted

TOTAL: $15

Yes, I do realize that my expression in that last pic is space-cadet city, but the fact of the matter is that I look like this in half of my pics. Usually, I choose to spare you the blank stares and half-open mouths, but tonight (or this morning…crud), this look is very indicative of my current state of mind.

My children played another round of let’s-keep-Mama-up-all-night tag. Plus, I had the first reaction to caffeine on record (for me…not in the history of mankind). I drank one of those fancy new 10-calorie Dr. Peppers right before bed, which I can totally get away with usually, but then I dragged my exhausted self off to bed after the Rangers finished off the Cardinals (Na-pol-li!) and lay there in a bizarre half-waking, half-dreaming state unsure of whether time was passing or not.

I found out soon enough when the alarm I didn’t know I’d set started blaring at midnight. Awesome-sauce, folks. I mean, who accidentally sets her alarm for midnight?! 

Honestly, I didn’t wear this outfit after that interminable night. But the expression, folks (see? I got back around to the point…eventually), it just says it all right now.

I did learn my lesson, though, and have stayed far away from those 10 Bold DP Calories tonight, so hopefully, when I’m asleep tonight I won’t have to wonder whether I’m awake (try analyzing that sentence. I dare you).

G’night. Or, at least, I certainly hope so.

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