Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crisp and cool, my sandals!




Dress: Mossimo/GW ($2), Belt: GW ($1), Shoes: Apostrophe/GW ($2), Bracelet: GW ($2)


I remember once, many moons ago, that my mama said (there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this my Mama…whoops, sorry! got distracted; it’s a good song, though) that my birthday (which is on Thursday) usually ushered in the advent of Fall in Texas.

I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean that Fall was just waiting around for my birthday before gracing our parched land, but it did seem to be that, when I was younger, I could count on cool, crisp nights and the need for at least a light sweater in the evenings by the first week of October.

And yet, here I am at 7 o’clock at night, in my halter dress and sandals, just as warm and toasty as you please.

I can practically hear my boots pleading with me to pull them out of their storage bins. Of course, my legs are talking too, and they’re saying things like, “You so much as try to get me ankle-deep in a leather boot, and I will break out in such a spectacular heat rash that you’ll look like you got into poison ivy when you wear your shorts tomorrow!

Oh, Mama. If only you could have known the false hopes and dreams that would arise from a few innocent words…

P.S. If you leave me a comment crowing about how nice the boot weather is where you’re from, I will hunt you down and bring perpetual summer with me. Hmm…that sounded so much more menacing in my head.

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