Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vain as a…


Dress: Mossimo/Goodwill ($2.50), Lace tank: Wet Seal/GW ($2), Shoes: Mia/GW ($3), Belt: GW ($1), Jewelry: GW ($8)

TOTAL: $16.50

I apologize profusely for how little I posted last week. I actually got dressed in decent clothes and intended to take pictures much more than it would seem from the lack anything to show for it, but something always came up to prevent it.

Life. I tell ya.

But I do have a fun little story for you to make up for it…inspired by my funky peacock bracelet.

Always before, when I heard the phrase, “Vain as a peacock,” I assumed that it was because of the birds’ glorious plumage. I mean, after all, who wouldn’t be impressed with themselves if they were that pretty without even trying?

Then, my husband and I took a trip to Sydney, Australia two years ago, and we visited the Taronga Zoo where peacocks roam the grounds freely.

There was one particularly handsome fella strutting in front of us down a path at one point, and just as he passed by a reflective window, he stopped, turned around, and made another pass. 

We watched him for several minutes, and he never stopped pacing back and forth, bobbing his head, and admiring his reflection…vain as a peacock.

I assure you that I did not share his feelings while wearing this outfit. Especially after I managed to sit in a water-spill from my little boys’ sippy cup right before going into a restaurant for lunch and was forced to choose between wearing my nursing wrap around my waist like some sort of reverse apron or changing into exercise clothes (the only option I had in the car) and keeping my wedges on. I chose the nursing wrap option, and boy, was I one stylin’ mama.

Of course, I suppose option three would have been just sashaying right on into the restaurant (where practically every person I’ve ever met in my life had apparently decided it would be best to eat as well, by the way) and letting everyone assume that I’d had an accident.

But I would have needed that Australian peacock’s self-confidence to pull that off, and let’s just say there’s a line between confidence and foolhardiness that I don’t care to flirt with.

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