Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Polka blah


Top: Goodwill ($3) Skirt: Old Navy/GW ($4), Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft/GW ($3), Jewelry: Goodwill ($5), Purse: gifted

I’ve had these pics saved on my computer for a while, but I just wasn’t super-inspired to post them. I dressed in a hurry with this outfit and wasn’t thrilled with it in the mirror. Then, I saw loaded the shots on my computer, edited them, and thought full-on, “Ugh.”

However, I am currently sitting on the couch in my p.j. pants (stripes this time) and thinking that you guys deserve better. So, while I may not feel like I hit this one out of the park (and I don’t—from the hair, to the funky-fitting shirt, to my indeterminately colored polka-dot skirt, to the hair-band I forgot to take off my wrist), I’m still showing it to you because it may not be my best…it may not even be good…but it’s better than p.j. pants.

Which makes it better than nothing.

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