Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jane Eyre Reinterpreted


Top: Goodwill ($1.50), Lace tank: GW ($2), Jeans: Anthropologie/GW ($7), Shoes: Mia/GW ($3), Bag: GW ($2), Earrings + Bracelets: GW ($4), Necklace: gift from my mama

TOTAL: $19.50

I watched Jane Eyre while folding a monumental pile of laundry (a pile of laundry which has yet to be returned to its rightful drawers, two days later, I might add) the day I wore this outfit, and, while I was certainly unaware of it at the time, seeing these pictures makes me think that the film’s costumes may have affected my sartorial choices.

I mean, think about it. If ol’ Jane were around in the 21st century, what might she be wearing?

Lace? Check. Pearls. Yup. Cap sleeves. Of course. A cream and mustard floral motif. Why not? And to finish it all off, a gold-toned heart necklace reminiscent of her mother’s locket. BRIILLIANT!

“But what of the fitted jeans and sky-high wedges?” you ask. “Wouldn’t her mother swoon to see her bedecked in such outlandish garb?'” (Note my use of period-appropriate dialogue). 

To which I say—Jane was an orphan, y’all. She didn’t have a mama around to worry about her wearing jeans.

And besides, we were talking about my wearing a version of what Jane might wear nowadays.


We got majorly sidetracked there.

So, how about Jane Eyre? Was it any good?

Why, yes, it was.

Thanks for asking.

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