Friday, September 9, 2011

It’s this or…






Top: Goodwill ($3), Shorts: Gap/GW ($4), Necklace: GW ($3), Earrings: GW ($1), Bracelet: GW ($2), Shoes: GW ($3) Bag: A gift from Florence, Italy from my wonderful mama

TOTAL: $16

You might be thinking, “Huh, her bangs sure do grow fast.” Yeah, these pics are from before I got all banged up.  Sorry about the sparse posting of late, folks. I started home-schooling my little boys (5, 3 1/2) this week, and it’s been a bit of an adventure. Also, it leaves me a lot less to time to get dressed and take pics. Not that I walk around in the buff, mind you.  You just don’t want to see my polka-dot pajama pants.

Or do you?

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