Thursday, September 1, 2011

I’ll keep the smile, thanks



Top: Old Navy/Goodwill ($3), Skirt: GW ($4), Shoes: Target/GW ($3), Earrings: GW ($2), Bracelet: GW ($1), Necklace: (thrifted, but not from GW—please don’t tell; they might not give me the good deals anymore), $5

TOTAL: $18

This is one of those outfits that makes me feel a bit Anthropologie-esque,  If only I could grow a (much) longer neck and legs and nix the smiles.  I mentioned these deficiencies here as well. I think I’ve ruled out the surgically altered option, though. The neck and leg lengthening…no sweat. But a permanent smirk sounds painful. 

There are other problems. If this look were from Anthropologie, then my skirt alone would cost 10 times as much as this entire outfit, which would leave me very little cash to go buy 5 secondhand versions from Goodwill.  It’s all getting a bit muddled, but I think those numbers make me 7 times happier that I’m obsessed with Goodwill instead of Anthro.   

And now I need a nap.

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