Monday, September 5, 2011

Gone with the wind


Top: Goowill ($3), Lace tank: GW ($2), Shorts: Old Navy{new with tags}/GW ($3), Necklace: GW ($3), Shoes: Gift

TOTAL: $11

As you might be able to tell from these pics, it was a bit of a gusty day around here.  My little boys kept looking out the window and saying, “Ooh, Mama, the trees are blowing. It’s about to rain!”

Alas, my boys and local meteorologists have something in common—their weather predictions cannot be trusted.

Also unfortunate: the hazy skies behind me are not a result of storm clouds but instead of the smoke from the fires that resulted from the high winds and no rain. : \

I really need to have a talk with the boys about getting their mama’s hopes up.

pleated poppy

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