Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Child’s play































Dress: Goodwill ($5), Tank: GW ($2), Belt: GW ($1), Necklace: GW ($1), Earrings: Gifted, Shoes: Gifted


I wore this to a local park when we took our kids to play a few evenings ago, and, man, am I glad we went late!

The one lady + kids that were there gave me weird enough looks as it was. Multiply that times 10, and I think I would have felt like I was wearing a great big O (for “overdressed”) on my chest.

Not that the dress wasn’t comfy. It was, actually.

But one might argue that 4 1/2 inch wedges are a mite impractical for the land of sand, seesaws, and swings.

Good thing there was a leering lizard around me for to sit on when my toes got tired.

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