Sunday, August 7, 2011

They call me mellow yellow?




IMG_5168    IMG_5173

Somewhere, a disgruntled jackrabbit is searching for his missing tail, which I apparently swiped right off his backside and stuck on the back of my head. Grow, hair, grow!

Top/Dress (ha!): Do and Be/Goodwill ($5), Jeans: Lucky Brand/GW ($7), Shoes: Forever 21/GW ($3), Belt: Vintage/GW ($1), Earrings: GW ($2), Bracelet: a gift from the hubs ($0), Purse: a gift from my mama form Italy ($0)

TOTAL: $18

I don’t know how mellow my yellow is in this outfit, but I had to do SOMETHING. It’s 111 degrees here (that’s one degree lower than the all time recorded high temperature where I live…since they started keeping track in the 1800’s, people!).

So, in a last ditch effort to placate the sun’s searing rays, I decided to dress in its colors: yellow, white, and red (all of which together make orange, in case you weren’t paying attention in finger-painting 101). 

But apparently, the sun didn’t want me on his team. 

I wore this to church but changed into the coolest things I could find pretty much the moment we got these pictures taken because there was a good chance that if I wore jeans for 2 seconds longer, my legs were going to spontaneously combust, which would, in turn, set the tails of my “dress” on fire, and, before you know it…


Nothing left but a wisp of smoke. 

So, really, you could argue that I changed my clothes to rescue my children from a motherless existence.

Anything sounds nobler when you put it in those terms (I’ll have to remember that).

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