Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Sunday Edition






Top: Goodwill ($3), Skirt: GW ($3), Shoes: GW ($3) Bag: Etienne Aigner/GW, New-with-tags ($6), Belt: GW ($0, see why here), Jewelry: GW ($4)

TOTAL: $19

I wore this combo to church, and, as I was dropping off my daughter, Della, at the nursery, the girl taking her from me said, “I love your outfit!” (And it was at that moment that I knew Della was in good hands).

I said, “Thanks!”…and before I could think better of it, I blurted, “I run a style blog called Secondhand or Bare Bottom if you like that sort of thing.” 

The girl smiled, thanked me, and assured me she would NOT be forgetting that name.

And I didn’t get struck by lightning. 


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