Monday, August 8, 2011

Floral Intervention




Top: Gap/Goodwill ($3), Tank: Ann Taylor Loft/GW ($2), Shorts: Mossimo/GW ($4), Shoes: Forever 21/GW ($3), Belt: GW ($1), Bag: GW ($3), Earrings: GW ($2), Necklace: GW ($1), Bracelets: GW ($3)

TOTAL: $22

If I ever meet one of my real-life style heroes (you know, Fergie…Avril Lavigne…maybe Pamela Anderson), I really hope I’m wearing these shorts. That way, when I spill hot sauce, or, better yet, ketchup on my light-colored, neutral Gap tee, Pam will never notice because she won’t be able to tear her eyes away from my loud, chartreuse floral shorts and my screamin’ orange belt.

Of course, me and spills, we’re likethis because goodness knows I’m not the most dexterous girl on the planet. So if we extrapolate my logic, I would never wear anything but brightly colored, patterned clothing…

Hey, that’s not a bad idea.

And they say these style blogs aren’t good for anything but killing time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I think I just saw my husband go by with a lighter, muttering something like, “Must. Burn. All. Florals.” I think I have a closet to save.

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