Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting Fresh





Top: Ann Taylor Loft/Goodwill ($3), Skirt: Marc Jacobs!!!/GW ($4), Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft/GW ($3), Bag: GW ($3), Belt: Ummm…nabbed from a pile of things that someone left in the wrong spot outside a closed Goodwill ($0), Earrings: gifted, Necklace + Bangles: GW ($3)

TOTAL: $16

I had to post that last picture just so you wouldn’t worry that I spent my entire date night with my hands glued to my hips. I assure you that my husband got to both hold my hand and put his arm around my waist without getting an elbow in the ribs. 

On a related note, some folks do dinner and dancing for date nights…maybe a movie or a romantic stroll on the beach.

Not us.  We like to take our 8 1/2-month-old daughter with us to the local Whole Foods wannabe grocery store. 

No joke.

I am posing (much to my husband’s chagrin) in front of a Brookshire’s Fresh store where we chowed down on chicken tacos, drank our fill from the pure sugar cane soda fountain (guaranteed to give you purer cavities) where, no matter what I put in my cup, it all tasted like root beer—which I can’t stand—and ran into practically all of our cool single/non-kid friends. 

So, apparently, our date night location was hipper than I thought. 

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