Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Belt it out




Top: Michael Kors/Goodwill ($4), Skirt: GW ($4), Shoes: Birthday gift, Belt: GW ($1), Clutch: $3, Jewelry: GW ($4)

TOTAL: $16

This vintage turquoise belt is quickly becoming one of my favorite go-to accessories when I need to spice up an outfit without going whole-hog. I tried to keep things neutral otherwise because I was already mixing textures and thought that if I combined a lace top with an eyelet skirt in shades of fuchsia and lime, it might be a tad much. Throw in that belt and some matching turquoise nails (not planned, by the way; can you imagine how much time I would spend painting my nails if they had to match my accessories every day?!), and there’s a pretty good chance I could be liable for damaging your corneas.  So because I love you and your corneas, the belt (and the nails…did I mention those weren’t planned?) are all the color you’re getting today (unless you count the red and yellow dump truck lurking in the background in pic #3).

P.S. You can find a tutorial for my twisty hairdo at 5D5W.

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